Interested in providing a lunch? Here is more information that might be helpful.

In 2018, Open Table Ministry, with the help of 22 local church congregations, businesses, and civic groups, provided 6095 meals at our Monday lunches! If your group would like to participate in providing a lunch, here's what you will need to know.  

1. Please plan on providing the following:

  • 125 servings of a well-balanced hot meal  (for some, this is the only food they will eat for days).

  • beverages (sweet tea and lemonade are favorites). Usually eight gallons is sufficient.

  • disposable cups, plates, napkins, and utensils, at least 150 of each. 

  • Several people to serve the food and help clean up after the meal. 


2.Please plan on arriving with the food by 11:30 AM. We will have several people outside to meet you, let you into the gate, help unload the food, and show you where to park. If you are running late, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know. Text or call our executive director, Carolyn Schuldt, at 919-412-7011.


3. If you prefer to cook the food onsite in OTM’s kitchen, please let us know in advance so we are prepared to meet you early to let you in and orient you to the kitchen. Our kitchen is equipped with three ovens, four stovetop burners, one griddle, and a commercial dishwasher and will need to be swept and mopped after use.


4. We serve the food in the downstairs fellowship hall of Trinity UMC, at 215 N. Church St in Durham. Tables and chairs will already be set up when you arrive. Lunch begins at noon and ends at 1 pm.


5. A well-balanced hot meal with vegetables is something most of our friends do not have access to and is always appreciated! Fresh salad is very popular, especially with ranch dressing. Fresh fruit is also a wonderful choice but keep in mind that many of our friends have dental issues and are unable to chew hard food such as apples. Bananas and tangerines are better options. Desserts are a wonderful addition - cookies, cakes, pies, etc. 


6.  Limited free parking is available behind the church but volunteers need to be fobbed in to the gate. If no one is present to fob you in, use the intercom on the gate to be buzzed in. Please park ONLY in spots marked “Trinity United Methodist Church.”


7. OTM is happy to provide tax receipts for any expenses.


8. We are very grateful for your partnership and we hope you are blessed by the experience! Thank you! Please call or email Jennifer Mario (, 919-604-0887) with any questions.

A downloadable version of these guidelines can be found here.

Would your church, business, or civic group like to provide a lunch to our homeless community? Sign up here!

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